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Nothing beats taking a cruise that will take you and your loved ones to dreamlike destination. It’s the perfect way to take a break from your daily activities and to create new memories with your family. Unfortunately there is one thing that can spoil everything: Seasickness. 

We know that getting seasick is an awful experience and the worst part is that it can take days to get used to it. That’s why here at Up and Travel in Pembroke Pines, we have some tips so you can enjoy your cruise and forget about this condition. 

Choose Your Location!
Something that you may not know is that the cabins that are closer to the front of the ship and in the highest decks are the most motion sensitive. Avoid them while you are booking your cruise and always look for the midship cabins. 

Fin Stabilizers 
When you are booking your cruise make sure to check that your selected ship has fin stabilizers. Those are great at keeping the cruise steady even in the roughest conditions and will make your journey more pleasant.   

An easy way to prevent seasickness are medications, but before you rush to the drugstore you should always contact your physician. Some of the most common drugs to treat this condition are Dramamine and Meclizine. Keep in mind that some of their side effects are sleepiness, blurry vision and rarely urinary problems.

Other Remedies 
If you are not a big fan of medications there are other options for you and especially your children. One of the most accepted remedies is the acupressure, which works by wearing a wristband that presses above the wrist crease and it has no side effects. 

A cruise is a great experience and you shouldn't let seasickness confine you in your cabin! Please remember these simple tips if you or someone in your family are not feeling fine so you can start enjoying your amazing holidays!  

At Up and Travel, we want you to have an incredible cruise, also remember that if you are looking for a travel agency in Pembroke Pines, we guarantee that we will find the best deal in your next vacation!