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With the colder months now upon us, we know that the adventurer in you wants to enjoy them to the full by hitting the slopes in your skiing or snowboarding gear. If you want to know about some of the best places in the country to do just that, keep reading this post Up & Away Travel in Pembroke Pines has prepared for you. 

Where to Ski in the United States 

Alta, Utah

If you’re all about powder skiing, this is the place for you. The light, dry snow found here and its famously high slopes make Alta Ski Resort in Utah the ultimate destination for experienced skiers who aren’t afraid of a little altitude. 

Telluride, Colorado

If you want to submerge yourself in an experience that focuses only on skiing and snowboarding, then you should visit the secluded Telluride Ski Resort. The diversity in its terrain make this the perfect place for beginners and advanced adventurers alike.

Mammoth Mountain, California

The Golden State has some ski and snowboard resort options of its own! Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in California offers a wide variety of activities for its visitors, including snowmobile riding, gondola tours, and lots of alternatives for those wishing to ride the slopes.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is a world-renowned destination for those travellers who want to experience one of the country’s most challenging slopes. At this resort you’ll get more than just snow; there are also options for fine dining and luxury accommodations.

Deer Valley, Utah

If Deer Valley Resort was good enough to be an official site for the 2002 Winter Olympics, one can only imagine the level of amenities it has to offer. This gorgeous resort is mostly known for its alpine skiing options and its upscale services.

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