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Spring is in the air, and if you are like us, you enjoy the flowers and beautiful colors that come along with it. It’s with that in mind that Up & Away Travel in Pembroke Pines thought it may be a good idea to fill our clients in on some of the best places to see gardens full of flowers and greenery as spring turns into summer. If a flowering vacation getaway sounds like an excellent idea to you, then be sure to pay attention to what we’ve come up with. 

Why not start with a trip to France, to check out the magnificent 250 acre gardens at Versailles. These gardens were commissioned by King Louis XIV and are expansive. There are numerous paths, leading to green gardens, flower gardens, and some beautiful lawn statuary as well. Though you’ll be so blown away by the grounds, don’t forget to check out the palace itself, which while providing a beautiful background to the gardens, is a treasure on its own as well. 

If you really like the idea of getting to explore both a palace and a garden, then another great place to consider would be the gardens in Potsdam, Germany. The palace itself, belonged to Frederick the Great of Prussia and he spent his summers there. You’ll find a lot of beautiful sculpted romans and even a teahouse where you can stop by for a fresh cup while you’re exploring the gardens. 

For a trip a bit farther east, you must know about the Majorelle Garden in Morocco. There you will find a serene and peaceful place to sit and think,by yourself or with someone you love. From water fountains to babbling brooks, all surrounding in green and flowering delight, you are bound to find a beautiful place to rest. This home was designed by a Frenchman and has some French influences, but it is also singularly Moroccan in the same breath. 

If you’re looking for something a bit closer to home, perhaps you should take a trip to The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens in New York. Here you’ll find three different climate controlled facilities as well as an art museum. Not to mention there are hidden inner gardens and collections of plants that will rejuvenate you ands meet your needs.

Whether a flowering vacation sounds right for you or you’re more interested in a beach vacation remember that Up & Away Travel can help you reach your vacation necessities with ease. For a travel agency in Pembroke Pines be sure to contact us as soon as possible, 703-691-9232.