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You have been probably looking forward to your summer vacation, as it's the perfect way to relax and forget about your daily routine.  However, flying can become an unpleasant experience due to the reduced space and rude behavior of other passengers. Just remember that there are certain small details that improve your flight. That's why at Up & Away Travel in Pembroke Pines we would like to share helpful advice on airplane etiquette.

Rules of Flying

Respect Personal Boundaries

Talking to other passengers may make the flight more pleasant for you, however you shouldn't force them to engage in a conversation. Also, make sure to bring headphones so you can enjoy your music or movie without disturbing other passengers. Remember to be respectful to flight attendants and obey their orders.

Sharing the Armrest

This is perhaps one of the most tricky subjects when it comes to flying, especially if you are in the middle seat. Remember that you can always agree with other passengers on who can have the armrest, this way you will avoid any confrontations.

Overhead Bins

You should use the overhead bin in your row and remember that your carry on should fulfill the size restrictions. Keep in mind that you can also place your luggage under your seat. Although you are not forced to follow these rules, they will make your trip more comfortable and avoid any upsetting situations.  If you are going to a sunny destination, be sure to read our guide to care for your skin during your beach summer vacation.

Travel Agency in Pembroke Pines

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